Sangha Circles

Sangha Circles are a way to deepen our connection to each other and our Buddhist practice. Small groups of 6-10 will meet once a month for the three months of Ango for fellowship and to discuss a topic based on the selected Ango texts. The topics will be decided by the teachers and follow the overall selected theme for each Ango.

Sangha Circle groups are facilitated by members of the Temple who complete a training session. Sangha Circle meetings last about two hours, which includes socializing before/after, group check-in, and facilitated group discussion. All Circles will cover the same material each meeting.

A survey will be available with available days/times and basic geographic locations of each circle and those who indicate interest are assigned to a group based on their day/time preferences, availability of spaces in the group and, ideally, with an eye towards having each group comprised of both newer and more experienced members of the Sangha.

Sangha Circle hosting or participation is a fun and fulfilling way to demonstrate an extra commitment to your practice during the Ango period.  Please see details below if you are interested in participating or hosting. If you have questions about the Sangha Circles that are not answered here, please contact the Sangha Engagement Committee,

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sangha Circles oriented toward experienced practitioners or beginners?

Sangha Circles are set up so that all participants will feel welcome. The topics will be accessible and interesting for newcomers and long-time practitioners alike.

How often do Sangha Circles meet?

Each Circle meets three times (once a month for three months) during Spring Ango (March-May) and Fall Ango (Sept-Nov). The discussion and practice portions of a gathering are designed to run about 2 hours, including socialization time before and after.

What will the readings be? How far in advance will we be able to get the readings?

The readings will always be short and designed to serve as a focus of discussion. The hosts of the Circles will always have access to the reading available, so the main thing is to come and participate and not worry about preparing anything in advance.

I don't even know enough to ask a question!?!

Good! Beginner's mind (“In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind, there are few.” - Shunryu Suzuki) and all that. Sign up for a Circle!