Everyone is welcome at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo, a beacon for waking up to one's true nature, nestled in Northwest Ohio at the crossroads of America. The Buddhist Temple of Toledo provides teachings and community for anyone interested in Buddhist practice in the greater Toledo area with weekly services, zazen, dharma talks, practice discussions, monthly workshops and retreats. Here you will find a group of dedicated and friendly people and a welcoming environment that is open to all. If you are attending for an academic class, there is no need to call ahead to let us know—just show up!  Please dress comfortably as loose clothing is better for meditation and arrive a few minutes early if you can.

When you arrive at the Temple, just let anyone with a raksu on (it looks like a funny Buddhist bib kind of thing) know that this is your first time and they will welcome you and explain how things work. If you are new to meditation, you will be given beginning instructions and have the opportunity to ask questions about Zen Buddhism and meditation practice. You do not need to bring your own cushions for meditation, unless you have a favorite and would like to bring it along, and there are also plenty of chairs available.



The Temple is co-located with Shobu Aikido of Ohio at 6537 Angola Road Holland, Ohio 43528. Google Map