Ango is a time of increased focus on our vow to fully Awaken for the sake of all beings. Intensification of our zazen, Buddhist practice and participation in the life of the sangha has its roots in the earliest gatherings of the Buddha's disciples. During the rainy seasons in India some 2,600 years ago, mendicant followers of the Buddha would seek shelter in caves for 90 days, and there they would practice and study together with their teacher. Along with Zen communities across the world, we continue a modern incarnation of this ancient tradition.
Ango includes our daily practice at home and in our daily lives as well as formal training at the Temple and retreat. 

Fall Ango 2019

Coming, Going: Not Coming, Not Going

Diamond Sutra Wisdom Teachings
for Working with Transition and Change in Our Lives

Fall Ango 2018 at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo
Sunday September 9 - Sunday November 18

During this Fall Ango, Do'on Osho will lead the Sangha in a deep exploration of Diamond Sutra wisdom teachings to help us understand and practice with the full range of emotions we experience surrounding change and transition in our lives. 

Sometimes translated The Perfection of Wisdom Text that Cuts Like a Thunderbolt, the Diamond Sutra has continued to influence Mahayana Buddhists for many centuries. We will read The Diamond Sutra and the Sutra of Hui-neng (Shambhala Classics) translated by Wong Mou-Lam and A. F. Price and work with it together at two Ango Workshops. You can look for the book at your local library or bookshop, or buy a copy online.

The Diamond Sutra says, "words cannot explain the real nature of a cosmos" and so during Ango, in addition to studying the text together as a community, Reverends Rinsen and Do'on encourage each of us to follow the tradition of intensifying our bodhisattva practice.

Do'on Osho particularly welcomes you to take up the incisive wisdom of the Diamond Sutra with your whole body-heart-mind -- and to bring your practice to meet her in the dokusan room and during the final Dharma Combat at Ango Closing!

Read on to see the a guide for intensifying your practice and the schedule of Ango events.


Guidance on Intensifying Your Practice for Ango

Every Sangha member's practice is different. You know your own situation best. Find a meaningful and workable way to deepen your practice for the next 90 days. For inspiration, here are some ways many Sangha members have engaged with Ango in the past.

- Visit the Temple in person for the first time (or the first time in a long time).
- Set up a home altar and care for it.
- Recite the Daily Liturgy at home every day.
- Take up daily zazen, and if you already have a daily zazen practice add some time.
- Attend more Temple services than usual, and make a commitment to attend in advance.
- Attend sesshin. Come for a morning or an afternoon, or the whole retreat.
- Meet the Teachers for dokusan on Wednesday evenings and at sesshin. Dokusan is a one-on-one interview for guidance about your Zen practice.
- Participate in a Sangha Circle. Sign-up here!
- Take up an art project around the Ango theme and share your work-in-progress and final pieces with the Sangha: a haiku each day, photography, calligraphy, song, dance, and so on.
- Attend some or all of the special Ango Events listed below!



Fall Ango 2018 Events

Fall Ango Opening Sesshin
@ the Farm. Sep. 6-9, Thursday 6pm - Sunday 12:30pm.
Advance registration required.

Fall Ango Opening Ceremony
@ the Temple. Sep. 9, Sunday 11am-12:30pm.
Drop-ins welcome. Beginning instruction at 10:15am for first time visitors.

Compassionate Sewing Practice
Sewing masters Kaishin and Yugen team up with the Compassionate Community Service affinity group to lead the Sangha in learning new sewing techniques and applying our whole body-heart-mind sewing practice to stitching up winter coats for those in need in our efforts to alleviate suffering for all beings.
@ the Temple. Sep. 15, Saturday 9am - 12pm

Ango Workshop: Beaming Through All Gloom
Explore how wisdom mind blooms in a tenderized, broken-open heart
@ the Temple. Sep. 22, Saturday 9am - 1pm
Drop-ins welcome, Facebook RSVP appreciated.
Free and open to the public. 

Service of Universal Worship - International Peace Celebration
Represent Your Sangha at Toledo’s multi-faith Peace Celebration
Sylvania United Church of Chris 7240 Erie St. Sylvania OH 43560
Sep. 23, Sunday 3:30pm - 4:45pm

October Sesshin
@ the Farm. Oct. 18-21, Thursday 6pm - Sunday 12:30pm. 
Advance registration required.

White Tara Workshop
Receiving the powerful blessings of wisdom mind through prayer and archetypal invocation
@ the Temple. Oct. 27, Saturday 9am - 5pm.
Drop-ins welcome, pre-registration encouraged.
Vegan community lunch - bring your bowls. Special diets - please bring a bagged lunch.

NEW DATE! Ango Workshop: Self Compassion Dharma Workshop
@ the Temple. Nov. 10, Saturday 2 - 5pm
Drop-ins welcome. Event does not include lunch.

Fall Ango Closing Sesshin
@ the Farm. Nov. 15-18, Thursday 6pm - Sunday 12:30pm. 
Advance registration required.

Fall Ango Closing Ceremony @ the Temple.
Nov. 18 Sunday 11am - 12:30pm.
Beginning instruction at 10:15am for first time visitors.